Practical Anger Management
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  • Self-paced program from the convenience of your home, office — or any online computer
  • Ideal for personal development, relationship improvement, to satisfy court or work requirement
  • Achieve a certificate for 10 hours or 16 hours of anger management instruction
  • No need to travel to live classes, but get same curriculum
  • Increased privacy and comfort
  • Very affordable price
  • Free Ebook of material after course completion (a $24.95 value)
  • 100% money-back guarantee if not accepted by local courts (for clients who are satisfying a court requirement)

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Here are what some participants are saying about the benefits they've received from our Anger Management Classes:

"From a Relieved Customer...

Dear Dr.

At first, I was reluctant to do the online course. Now I feel pretty darn good about it. I passed but most importantly, I learned from it. It should be named something like 'Character Development' so that I would hang the certificate proudly---the 'Anger Management' title gives a slanted tone of achievement. My board directed me to take this even though I am 66-years ago and now seven years as a CEO.

Obviously, the directive to take the course was somewhat embarassing for me since I have won numerous awards and have been a community leader for years. Yet, I have no reservations about promoting the course.

Good work and thank you."

A.S., Connecticut (2010)

"I have been to many counselors and pastors for my problem. I can unequivocally say that this book and class just make sense. Coupled with the scientific information I have received from Dr Tony, the classes have increased my understanding not just of anger but of all things related to anger. This class has changed my attitude greatly.

I believe those who have no anger management problems or those who think they have no problem with anger should consider your class for a greater understanding of those angry people around them. In short: everyone can benefit from your class. I consider your class a self-improvement class in addition to helping with ones anger."

Tim O'Donnell, Riverside, CA, graduate of weekly program, May 30, 2006

"Thank you so much for having me in your anger management classes....I have never thought I would be taking your class. Boy!!! I was wrong...what I have learned in your class are that the tools.. are not just for a person with an anger problem. We all have a choice in life and anger is a reminder to "think twice" before acting on or reacting to a problem or situation.....Being a father and having a seven and a three year old beautiful daughter living at home is tough. Everyday, trying to understand their needs and meeting their needs is a full time job and your class helps a lot. Once again, thank you very much, Dr Tony Fiore for giving me the education that I need. We all need to get ourselves educated once in a while just to keep up with our daily life."

Andrew Sandavone, May 15th, 2006.

"Today I discovered extensive water damage to my house. I am just amazed how well I handled it, despite the insurance company at first refusing to pay for it. I feel I am on top of the world since I handled it so well. Your process is working. Thank you so much."

Mary Ann, age 50

"I truly have enjoyed your classes and will definitely go back as I go through life and address issues that I may still have. I know that my wife and daughters have definitely seen a change in me, thanks to you. The one phrase I learned in your class and which has made a big impact on myself is as follows, "You cannot control people, places or things even though some people go through life trying to do so." I would like to thank you and the group for such a tremendous change in my life on how I should handle myself. I definitely have a different look on life and with my anger issues."

Carl C., Garden Grove, CA

"By the time I first contacted Dr. Fiore, anger had nearly ended my short lived 1-year marriage and 4-year relationship with my husband. My husband and I were living in separate homes, unable to communicate in a positive manner and extremely hurt and disenchanted by one another. I blamed my husband for everything...I wanted nothing else to do with him when he finally turned his anger on my 10-year old son...The first time we had an appointment with Dr. Fiore my husband and I cancelled. We, of course, had an argument. He felt like I was pushing him to go and I felt like if he really wanted us back he would have to make the effort. After a couple months we finally made it to our first class and believe it or not, we left happy. Not because all of our problems were solved but because we both realized there was a solution if only we were willing to listen, learn, and practice a different way of communicating and understanding feelings, emotions, needs, and respond accordingly...I am grateful to say that after 6 or 7 sessions with Dr. Fiore we have seen a vast improvement in our relationship...I, personally, have learned so much more from this class than I expected to."

Ricky (in couples class), Orange, CA

"Dear Dr. Tony,

I am writing you this to share my appreciation for your series of anger and stress management classes. As mentioned in our first conversation, I had searched for a counselor who was both a specialist in this area and with whom I would feel personally comfortable. You met both of these criteria. I consulted with three and met with one other counselor in person. However, I felt that you were the best and most appropriate for me.

In addition, I've had the opportunity to participate in two of your groups at both the Orange and Long Beach locations. I've enjoyed and benefited greatly from each of the groups.

I thank you again, and should anyone of your prospective clients be in need of a recommendation or additional information about your program, please have them contact me."

Thank you again,
James Davidson CPA, CFS

"Dear Dr. Fiore,

I would like to say thanks for your help and that I really learned a lot from the program. When I first started I thought I could learn to not be angry at all, but found that goal was not realistic. Instead it was my inappropriate way of expressing anger that got me into the problems I was facing. By using techniques such as "the formula", recognizing my own negative "self talk" and taking the time to consider alternatives I have been able to reduce my personal stress level by 90%. I feel better equipped to face life's daily challenges. The classes were fun, educational and rewarding. The most important changes we make are not those recognized by others but the ones we recognize in ourselves. On that note I have definitely recognized a change for the better in me."

Best Regards,
Joel Nelson, Cypress, CA

"I really enjoyed the classes. They definitely helped me with my anger issues as well as helping me understand a lot about myself. The program made me more aware of my feelings and how to express them as well. The book was easy to read and gave light on a perspective that I really was not in touch with before taking the program.

I would highly recommend the anger management classes to anyone with anger problems. Not only with relationship problems but with day to day stresses in life as well. Eight months ago when my relationship ended I thought my life was over. Now, I am a lot stronger and happier individual than I was ever in my life. I can honestly smile at life now and how precious it is. I am more open with my family and friends. I use the skills I have learned from Dr. Fiore and the book on a day to day basis."

Chuck H., Anaheim, CA

Typical Participant Comments:

  • "I can really control myself!"
  • "Now, I think before I speak."
  • "I now know it's OK to be angry, as long as its the right way."
  • "I'm more patient than I thought."
  • "I'm happier, not so stressed."
  • "My employees often tell me how level-headed I've become."
  • "I'm now able to think with greater clarity."
  • "I am more calm in tough situations."
  • "My kids tell me I'm a calmer, happier parent."
  • "I should have done this years earlier."
  • "They should teach this stuff to grade school kids."